Tips for Aspiring TV Hosts (Run, Now… JK.)

The #1 question I’m asked when it comes to career advice is: “HOW THE F#@& AM I SUPPOSED TO BREAK INTO THIS BIZ?!”

First off, good question.

Second, watch your language beeyotch! 😉

I’m working on a video (that’ll go live on soon) with a major breakdown of the life of a TV Host, how the industry works, and how to grind your way to the top of it while being the #AlphaBabe that you are. But in the mean time, here are just a few small suggestions for standing out in an industry that’s extremely competitive and kind of over-saturated.

It ain’t as easy as it looks… but you got this!

1. Sharpen Your Brand.

If you don’t figure out who you are, people will gladly label you for themselves. Don’t fall into some random category you’re thrown into, if it’s not where you want to be. Take time to listen to that quiet voice inside yourself that does a backflip when you’re most strongly connecting with who you are, what you stand for, and where you want to be. Get your personal brand together, girl!

What topics are you passionate and informed about, that you can speak confidently about? Pop culture. Politics. Health, wellness & fitness. Hollywood & celebrities. World news. Sports. Lifestyle. Fashion & style.

Think abut the visual elements of your brand and personality — bright bold colors or timeless neutrals? Are the fonts you use on your website, InstaQuotes, and other social media outlets bold? Classic? Brush-stroke or type fonts?

Make it easy for people to understand ‘who you are, and what you’re selling’ (figuratively… unless you’re actually selling stuff. That’s cool too.) — so they can focus the time they spend with you on figuring out how they can utilize or work with you!

2. Create Content.

Now it’s time to create content that falls in line with your brand. I always say — even if not many people are paying attention, consistently creating content is a way to keep your skill set sharp. It’s also a great resume example when you finally land that big meeting or job interview — your potential future employer will love that they can watch you in action.

Whether it’s your demo reel, a blog of your own, an op/ed piece in your school newspaper, or weekly YouTube videos — commit to creating content that infuses your fresh perspective with the current events or topics that matter most to you.

3. Network!

Listen. I hate ‘networking’… the word alone sounds a bit ‘fake’ or ‘opportunistic’. But I’ve learned that when you genuinely strike up a convo with someone, just for the sake of learning something new about a person you’re often surprised at:

  • 1) how interesting or surprising something they reveal about themselves is, and…
  • 2) how open they are to continuing the conversation at a later date, or staying in touch.

Drag yourself out to at least one networking event each month… and focus on being friendly, and having fun conversations — nothing more. Going in with no expectations will often times have you walking out pleasantly surprised… and connected!

P.S. Check out my video: ‘How to Be Confident for some great tips to use at your next networking event… and subscribe to the #AlphaBabe ‘It List’ (on the sidebar) to be the first to know when new posts and events are up on the blog!

Screen Shot 2015-05-17 at 3.48.15 PM

Hosting the Aftershows & Reunion Special for MTV’s reality game competition show “The Challenge” has been one of my fave career highlights to-date! You can watch some clips here: MTV’s ‘The Challenge’ Reunion Special.

What are some of your goals for the last 6 months of this year?? Fill me in!



Emmy Award Winning TV Host & Creator, #AlphaBabe

  1. I agree with you 100% on the word networking. I am going to attend a few events. As daunting as it can be -its a critical part of engaging with people who have similar goals and aspirations. This is how I will brand the term “networking” to alleviate my anxieties. The biggest fear I have is coming off disingenuous. Another point I found very useful is when you say to have friendly conversation.. Thats a lot more direct than “be yourself.” This is one of the most insightful blogs I’ve ever read. Keep it up! The material is refreshing.

    Go Bucks!
    C/O 2012
    Theater alumni

  2. I’ve been craving television for 10 years now. Working in radio now, but I’m looking to make a living in front of the camera soon. Entertainment and Pop Culture are my strong points. Thank you for the tips!

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