Listen Up, You #AlphaBabe. It’s Me, Zuri.

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Dear ‘You Goddess of an #AlphaBabe’,

I know you may be thinking… “I don’t NEED another blog to read.”

Well this one’s here now, sooo.. read it, dang it. 🙂 ha Okay okay, in all seriousness — THIS one’s different. Plus I WordPressed the crap outta this site all by myself, and your support is pretty much the grown-up equivalent of a gold star sticker.

This blog is my curated, personal, *ish* is about to get real ‘real’ (sometimes a little too real) guide to a life of glamour — while on the grind. Set clear goals. Hustle hard for what you want. Feel and look great doing it!

As a professional TV host (you can catch me on MTV & Vh1, and I’ve done stuff for BET, Fuse, and E!) who is also young, has dated, and is figuring out this crazy ride that is ‘life’ — I KNOW how tough it can be to juggle it all. But it’s totally possible… and I’m sharing all my secrets with you! So what’s an #AlphaBabe?

An ‘Alpha Female’ is strong, intelligent and confident. A hard worker who is often busy. She knows what she wants and goes after it.

And you already know what a stunning, stylish total ‘Babe’ you are!

So, hello #AlphaBabe!

All of the posts, videos, and content you enjoy will be given through the filter of ambitious, talented young women who want to see other ambitious, talented young women rock out — in career, love, and life.

We can totally have it all. If we try hard enough, and carry single-serve wine cups in our power bags. Kidding. Kind of.

The truth is — you set goals, you work hard, and you make it look damn good.

YOU are the modern day ‘It Girl’!

That ‘It Girl’ is any young woman living the life SHE wants (the ‘it’ is different for each of us!) with personal style… and most importantly, substance.

Let’s realize our power and claim our thrones. There are so many #AlphaBabes to draw inspiration from: Kerry Washington, Amal Clooney, Tina Fey, Beyonce Knowles Carter, Amy Schumer… and way more. These are talented, smart women running the empires that they’ve built — while looking amazing and keeping a beautiful smile along the way.

Plus coming soon — you can shop #AlphaBabe products to rock your #AlphaBabe vibes with pride — and sign up for first looks & exclusive discounts to attend #AlphaBabe networking events, workshops and shop partner programs.

The#AlphaBabe™ Blog is for strong, sexy, smart millennial women who know what they want and aren’t afraid to work hard for it! We might love a hot selfie, or a timeless designer label — but we are no aspiring ‘trophy wives’.  We can be it all: pretty, playful, AND powerful. We are #AlphaBabes… and our time is NOW!

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xoxo, Zuri

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Emmy Award Winning TV Host & Creator, #AlphaBabe

  1. So exciting!! Im gonna enjoy reading this.I love how you just keeping expanding and showing the world how multifaceted you are. Love you !xo

  2. Dope concept Zuri! Also, 10000 gold stickers for creating and maintaining this website yourself. I think it’s so awesome to see a busy career woman carve out time to create something so motivational and empowering. Looking forward to watching your career and vision continue to evolve and grow. Best of luck to you! I’ll be tuning in on the sidelines. <3

    P.S. – Thanks for being bold and sharing your story with the world.

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