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WOW. The time has finally come.

Welcome to your one-stop power source for a glamorous life on the grind.

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Today, August 1st, I am SO proud & excited to debut our brand new site (Hold up – who just said ‘About time??’… I heard that.) Those who have followed the #AlphaBabe journey from the start know it’s been a year in the making, and all good things take time – so this is gonna be awesome as hell, haha.

At the start of each month, be on the lookout for my editor’s letter – with my thoughts, musings, and words of encouragement for you as we take on the challenges of a new month.

It only makes sense to relaunch on the 1st of August. A for August. A for Alpha. A for… ‘A glass of wine a day keeps the bitch-mode away.’ I kid, I kid….

Seriously though –

A for ‘Authenticity’.

This vision is finally alive because I’ve truly believed in it from the start, and I’m trying every day to be my authentic self. I don’t want to walk someone else’s path. And I don’t want to be anyone I’m not.

I have an amazing small team of smart, stunning women who have helped bring this vision together – which simply affirmed what I’ve always believed: how STRONG we are as individual women, and how much STRONGER we are when we unite.

I’ve grown as a leader, and I’ve learned from those I’m leading.

How can you lead in your life this month?

Whether it’s in the classroom, the board room, or your bedroom (you naughty girls, you – I meant working-with-a-laptop-in-bed-vibes, but hey – do your thing, girl)… I challenge you to be unapologetically who you are. Authentically yourself.

Speak up for yourself, when that small voice inside nags you to. My small voice nagged enough that is finally here – I’m glad I listened!

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This lifestyle platform is my curated, guide to a life of glamour — while on the grind. Set clear goals. Hustle hard for what you want. Feel and look great doing it!

So what’s an #AlphaBabe?

An ‘Alpha Female’ is strong, intelligent and confident. A hard worker who is often busy. She knows what she wants and goes after it.

And you already know what a stunning, stylish total ‘Babe’ you are!

So, hello #AlphaBabe!

All of the posts, videos, and content you enjoy will be given through the filter of ambitious, talented young women who want to see other ambitious, talented young women rock out — in career, love, and life.

We can totally have it all. If we try hard enough, and carry single-serve wine cups in our power bags. Kidding. Kind of.

The truth is — you set goals, you work hard, and you make it look damn good.

YOU are the modern day ‘It Girl’!

Let’s realize our power and claim our thrones. There are so many #AlphaBabes to draw inspiration from: Kerry Washington, Amal Clooney, Tina Fey, Beyonce Knowles Carter, Amy Schumer… the list is endless. These are talented, smart women running the empires that they’ve built — while looking amazing and keeping a beautiful smile along the way.


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xx, Zuri



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