5 Quick Tips to Get Over The Monday Blues



So, let me guess. You leapt out of bed Monday morning with a huge grin on your face, strolled into work with time to spare and even got a head start on that project you’ve been putting off.

Sound familiar? Not so much? Well, never fear! We’ve all caught a case of “The Mondays” here and there, but the key is to nip it in the bud as quickly as possible.

Here are some of my tried and true tips to help you get your sunshine back!


1. Dress the part

There’s nothing like a dreary Monday morning that makes me want to run for the nearest pair of Ugg boots and sweats. But you MUST resist! The truth is when we present our best selves outwardly, it helps us feel better on the inside, too. So, if you’re having an off day, wear something that makes you feel powerful and beautiful.

In other words: Fake it ‘til you make it!

2. Consider the source

In some cases, no matter what you do, the dread of Monday morning can be overwhelming. If this is the case, it’s time to look within. Are you working toward something you truly enjoy? Do you feel satisfied with the kind of work you do?  Be honest and clear with yourself about the career path you’re on and be sure it’s what YOU want to do, not what your parents, 8th grade English teacher or friends EXPECT you to do. (HUGE difference.)

Once you’re certain, your Mondays won’t seem quite so gloomy.


3. Create a work sanctuary

If it doesn’t make you feel open and creative, it’s time to give your workspace a complete overhaul. Incorporate colors, quotes and pictures that inspire and motivate you.

I like keeping my favorite scents nearby, especially when I’m struggling in the afternoon.  Pleasing the senses is a fool-proof way to get out of a funk.

Making your office space a home away from home can help you adjust to your work week, keep stress at bay and give your mood the boost it needs.

4. Follow through Friday

Great expectations are a huge reason why it can be hard to live up to the hype, come Monday morning. Instead of packing your schedule to the limit, ease into it and build your itinerary gradually as you gain momentum throughout the week.

Before week’s end, create a short, realistic to-do list for Monday.  Once you’ve got it all down on paper, you can truly enjoy your weekend without stressing about what Monday will look like.

You got this!


5. Treat yourself

There’s no need to wait til the weekend to pamper and reward yourself for a job well done. I love celebrating small wins throughout the week.  Whether you indulge in your favorite snack, spend quality time with friends after work, or an evening at the spa, plan something for Monday evening that you can look forward to!

Whatever you do, don’t let The Mondays derail you from your personal and professional goals.  Keep your eyes on the prize and push through!

What’s your Monday Morning Motivation?  Let me know below!


Rhonda Richards-Smith is a nationally recognized mental health and relationship expert, speaker, and media contributor based in Los Angeles.


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