5 Key Traits of the Ultimate Power Couple

beyonce-and-jay-z-cute-jay-z-and-beyonce-fist-bumpBY MISS SOLOMON

Ambition is the new black. Nothing is sexier than a woman who is building a career for herself and is on her hustle. We know that real success takes determination, hard work and a whole lot of passion, but what’s better than getting to the top? Having someone there to enjoy the view with you.

Whether you’re currently single and looking for the Clyde to your Bonnie, or one half of the next Jay and Bey, building a power couple is no easy task. What the most prominent couples have in common are the key traits that make them so successful in the first place.

If you’re currently on your grind and working hard to get to the top of your game, remember that not every man with power makes for a great partner. So if you’re striving to build your empire with the right guy, keep the following values in mind to help you reach power status together.

Collaborate Together

No matter how busy you think you are, a great relationship needs quality time. Some of the most famous couples share a common passion that makes their combined efforts just as powerful as their individual achievements. What better way to keep each other close than to work on projects together?

Having a common passion keeps the fire alive in a relationship. If you’re married to your career but don’t want to sacrifice love, find a way to work with your partner and kill the game together.

Share Family Time

Kids and marriage might be in the far distant future for you, but it’s still important to make family a priority for your power couple partner. A guy that gets along with your family is a definite keeper. Power status or not, making family important now prepares you possibly having your own family in the future. The right partner is willing to make you a part of his family and wants to be apart of yours. As a power couple, make sure to keep family at the core of what you value.

Support Each Other

Look for a partner who isn’t shy about putting what he loves about you on his Instagram or Twitter. Those sickeningly cute social media status updates actually matter when it comes to promoting and supporting a partner. While you’re getting your hustle on, it’s nice to know that you have the support of a loving partner – and it’s even better when the world knows it, too. It’s these small reminders, like a cute Facebook update, that shows he recognizes how hard you’re working. Even the most private couples show their appreciation and support for each other to the public from time to time.

Stay Independent

From Amal Clooney, who maintains her career as a high powered attorney while married to George, to Mila Kunis, who hasn’t changed her professional name to Kutcher, successful partnerships thrive when both partners keep some independence. You didn’t get to the top by being someone else, so why would you stop being who are you for a relationship? Maintaining your individuality while in a relationship is a testament to real power couple status.

Plan Together

Whether it’s a weekend getaway or the rest of your lives, a strong power couple is on the same page when it comes to their future. If you’re heading to the top, make sure that you and your guy are planning to take the same route. If the guy you’re dating has big plans but doesn’t include you, you might want to reconsider recruiting him for your team.

A couple that dreams together, should have a plan on how to make those dreams come true. The right man couldn’t imagine making it to the top with out having you by his side, and that’s the way it should be. The right guy can see a bright future for himself but recognizes that having you with him makes success even sweeter. As you build your own empire, whether alone or with a power partner remember that every Bonnie needs her Clyde.

What traits do you think are necessary to have as a power couple? Sound off in the comments below!


Miss Solomon is the founder of The Dating Truth and one of today’s most influential dating experts.


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